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Your challenge

When your grass / median workers and vehicles leave the yard for the day, you have very little personnel and fleet visibility. Drivers on your highways call in to claim medians aren’t serviced, overgrown weeds throughout the city, no transparency with workers, lack of route optimization, and much more. Your city needs a tool that will help manage the workers and fleet more effectively.

Here's the solution

Automation is the future

Know exactly when grass is cut and when it needs to be cut. Our smart sensors alert you when your grass has reached a specified height you set within our platform. In other words, your city takes care of itself.

Scalable solutions

LawnTap can help cities start on a path towards achieving their grass care goals within months of launching the service. It all starts with credible data.

Asset-light, technology-based

The LawnTap model is powered by uncovering cost savings, optimizing driver routes, and using data to find inefficiencies on a continuing basis. No large upfront cost is needed.

Actionable insights

LawnTap transforms the data it collects into useful reports and insights, allowing city leaders to turn information into immediate operational improvements.

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