Next – Generation Lawn Care Service

Automation is the future and we are leading that revolution in lawncare

Problem: Homeowners

Mowing your lawn is time consuming and tedious

No flexibility or room for competitive rates due to contracts

Expensive lawn care with no transparency

Problem: HOA’s and Municipalities

Grass workers and equipment have little to no visibility

Overgrown weeds in neighborhoods, city parks and on highway medians

Lack of optimization for HOA’s and municipalities

Solution: A smart device that will automate lawn care to

Save time

Provide Flexibility, Optimisation and data

Save Money


Homeowners will be able to control everything from the palm of their hand. Simply put their lawn will talk to them and let them know when it is time to be mowed and call for lawncare service.

Set height preferences within our app

AI bot takes home info

AI bot analyzes additional services

Homeowner receives a custom quote

HOA’s and Municipalities will be able to control everything from a Saas platform.

HOA’s and Municipalities will be able to manage multiple properties and manage grass care through a seamless and easy to use Saas platform.


Sensors are placed at homes, highway medians and local city parks.

Optimize existing assets

HOA’s and city managers know exactly where and when to deploy lawn care providers, delivering grass cuts and reducing cost.

Actionable Data

HOA’s and municipalities turn information into immediate operational improvements.

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