How it Works

The Smart Lawn Sensor

Plug our sensor into the ground and set lawn height preferences within the app. Once your lawn grows to the desired height a request is automatically sent out to lawn care providers. Also connects with smart sprinklers and voice. *U.S. Patent Publication No. US-2020-0149869-A1

Real-time information sent to your phone on temperature, moisture, grass type and lawn height.

You’ll never have to worry about service again. Your lawn care is now on auto pilot.

How it Works: Homeowners

Set height preferences within our app

AI bot takes home info

AI bot analyzes additional services

Homeowner receives a custom quote

How it Works: HOA’s and Municipalities


Sensors are placed at homes, highway medians and local city parks.

Optimize existing assets

HOA’s and city managers know exactly where and when to deploy lawn care providers, delivering grass cuts and reducing cost.

Actionable Data

HOA’s and municipalities turn information into immediate operational improvements.